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The Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA) and the City of Kenosha have teamed up to develop a Downtown Strategic Development Plan. Kenosha’s downtown is a critical community asset that provides for civic, business, shopping and recreational needs. The City wants to strengthen this underutilized asset, rethink its land use mix, and build upon its core strengths of transit-supported character, walkability, and proximity to Lake Michigan. In building upon the recently completed Kenosha First Plan and downtown refurbishment project spearheaded by KABA and the City, the Plan must support a desired community character that is balanced with an achievable and incremental economic vision.

The end goal of this planning process will be the creation of a cohesive downtown development vision, refined land use mix (balanced with transportation and parking needs and capacities), and a realistic implementation tool kit that provides a framework and defines strategic action items necessary for future redevelopment and revitalization.  Click here for the official press release

Community Workshop #3

The consultant team presented the draft master plan/land use strategy and supporting analysis. Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback through small interactive break-out tables. View the presentation PDF (13.5MB) in full here and thank you for yet another great workshop experience!

Community Workshop #2

The workshop included a PowerPoint presentation of images/photographs, sketches/renderings, and computer generated graphics and an interactive workshop to discuss various development concepts and strategies. View the presentation PDF in full by clicking here.

Downtown Strategic Development Plan

The State of the Downtown Report has been completed and is available for download: Kenosha Downtown Strategic Development Plan (31MB). Visit the Concepts + Exhibits page to download the plan in smaller sections.
9/4/12: View the report online.

State of the Downtown Report

The State of the Downtown Report has been completed and is available for online viewing here: Kenosha State of the Downtown Report
Want to download your own copy? You may do so by clicking here and right-clicking to Save File As....


This study will be conducted over a six to seven month time period, which started in January. There will be many opportunities to become engaged in the process, including three Community Workshops, the first of which is being held on February 22nd.